MAC PORT LIEBHERR gets to the port of Civitavecchia

04 Novembre 2020


Two new cranes are at work in the port of Civitavecchia (ROME): the company Traiana srl ​​has actually equipped in its terminal with two Liebherr LHM 280 mobile cranes for its loading, unloading and handling of goods.

The LHM 280 model has a maximum capacity of 84 tons. Thanks to a slim structure and a small size, the machine is particularly suitable for guaranteeing rapid goods handling and high work yields, in order to increase the company's competitiveness.

 The cranes are equipped with some important tricks that guarantee ease of use and shorter maintenance times. The specific features are the following:

• centralized greasing system of the machine, including the fifth wheel

• engine room pressurization and air conditioning system

• remote control to move the cranes from the ground without an operator in the cabin

• double access ladder

• electrical connection in the undercarriage useful for additional accessories

• air-conditioned operator's cabin.

In addition, the LiDAT SmartAPP® software system allows you to check the telemetry of the machines through all possible devices..

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