A new Liebherr crane for Terminal Nord in Ravenna

30 Ottobre 2020

Terminal Nord of the Sapir Group in Ravenna acquired a new Liebherr crane for its activities.  The new crane adds to those already present at the Terminal and confirms the trust already shown in Liebherr technology.

The crane is a LHM 420 model and features a maximum capacity of 124 tons. It is a very versatile crane and particularly suitable for Terminal operations, which consists of handling feldspar, kaolins and clays for the ceramic industry. The crane was delivered complete with a 19 cubic meter capacity Rozzi bucket.

The crane is also equipped with the Lidat smartApp system, which allows the exchange of data and the optimization of operations, in order to satisfy the increasingly performing requirements of industry 4.0. Lidat smartApp allows to analyze the crane and get answers in real time, so as to improve efficiency and productivity.

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