Training: an essential value for Alliance Port Service.

15 Maggio 2018

Some training days took place at Alliance Port Service in Ravenna. The training, theoretical and practical, was aimed at technical operators and maintainers of Liebherr machines. The teacher, Carlo Gandolfo showed the latest updates on Liebherr machines to electricians and mechanics. Carlo’s experience and competence are the flagship of Alliance, because it’s really hard to find people with the same level of knowledge of Liebherr equipment in Italy.

“Liebherr technology makes great strides” – Carlo tells us – “Just think that three new models of mobile cranes have come out since 2016. Liebherr designers and engineers never stop the search: ­they work either to lower operating and management costs or to raise machines’ performances. The shipping world changes very fast: port machines must operate very quickly on ever bigger ships. Therefore technicians need to be very open-minded and flexible to keep up with innovation”.

Alliance particularly invests on training and safety. “When a new machine is delivered, a week of training takes usually place: Liebherr allows us to support costumers longer. They can take the necessary time to get the essential knowledge for a correct use of Libherr equipment, both in operative safety and correct maintenance”.

The course in Ravenna had exactly this aim, i.e. to transmit Liebherr’s latest technical updates and to review and deepen some maintenance aspects.  A special focus was on the use of machines in perfectly safe conditions.

“I like to teach and transmit my experience. It’s important that an external teacher runs the course to guarantee the necessary detachment. I found a good open-mindedness and a true dialogue during the course. We could exchange views and evaluations on operations and circumstances we face everyday in our job. All this is very precious for us, even if we know the matter really well.”

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