A reliable partnership

06 Aprile 2018

 Giuseppe Amoruso, owner of Amoruso Group in Salerno, talks about the partnership with Macport. He underlines how the two companies have developed a full and mutual trust in time.

   When did you know Macport?

About three years ago. We had already known Liebherr machines’ quality, and we could visit their factories in Austria. Thanks to Liebherr we could meet Macport directly. We used electric cranes, whereas Liebherr offered hydraulic cranes.  Matteo Bilotti took us to ports with Liebherr equipment. We could see the machines and test them.

  How was important the possibility of trying the equipment?

Really important. We, together with our technicians, saw and try either mobile cranes or Reachstackers. This was fundamental to understand deeply their functioning.

  How are you getting with assistance?

To be honest, at the beginning I was quite skeptic about the remote service and the quickness of service in general. We’ve changed our view. When we had a problem, either Alliance or Liebherr technicians helped us in very quick times and in an excellent way. Our technicians can remotely fix problems. Otherwise qualified technicians are here in less then 8 hours.

  Have Liebherr machines answered to your needs?

Our port has tiny spaces: Liebherr mobile cranes can move without any problem. We are really satisfied about their speed and lift capacity. We are aware that Reachstackers are a brand new project, so it takes time to make them perfect. What is certain is their very low fuel consumption: it’s a very good point because in Italy the diesel is really expensive right now!

  Which projects have you for the future?

Now we are satisfied with the equipment we bought so far. We’ll see how the containers’ traffic will be developing next months. If we will buy some new machines, we will ask Macport for sure. I use to talk to Matteo and Fabio and I feel comfortable because their company is a family company as ours. We have a confidence and professional relationship at the same time.


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