A cooperation lasting overs 30 years

13 Febbraio 2018

Vito Totorizzo, founder and owner of Istop Spamat srl (Bari),  tells us about the lasting cooperation with Macport.


 How did the cooperation with Macport start ?

It started with Giordano, the father, 30 years ago. Macport was just him. During the years Matteo and Fabio, his sons, arrived later on, and the cooperation has never stopped then. When we buy some equipment, we always ask them for suggestions. We bought just little machinery and accessories from competitors, but we have always accept Macport’s advices.


Which aspect do you like most when you work with Macport?

We really appreciate the clarity regarding relationships: what is said, it is done. This is absolutely fundamental for us. We don’t need to sign everything, because Macport is totally reliable. Macport is a real partner. We also consider them as consultants for us; we ask them for informations about the market situation.


 How important Liebherr machines are for Istop Spamat?

They are a revolution, and Macport introduce us to them. They guarantee the continuity to us: I mean that we could follow them in time, whereas it wouldn’t have been possible with other competitors We had a trial period with Reachstackers, but they are perfectly working now. However, we always have received technical assistance.


  Have you already projects for the future?

Spamat is used to constantly invest profits in new equipment, so the cooperation is going to last and grow in the future.




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