Quality, Stability, Continuity

For generations, the Bilotti family has run Mac Port, a leading company in the sales and after sales of port and intermodal handling machines. Starting in 1987, over the years Mac Port has developed continuous business relations with more than 30 Italian terminals.
Mac Port is the official partner of Liebherr, the industry leader, and offers an extensive range of port machinery for quay, offshore and earthmoving activities. The selection of earthmoving machines is completed with the range of lift trucks thanks to the collaboration with Linde.
Mac Port is known not only for its business experience, technical offer and products sales, but also for the reliability of its after sales and training services, thanks to the investee company Alliance Port Service.

  1. 1987.
    The origins

    Mac Port was created in 1987 based on the vision of Giordano Bilotti who, working as an operator at Compagnia Portuale di Ravenna, had the intuition to establish a company specialised in the modern mechanisation of port areas. Giordano had the opportunity to gather first-hand experience in the ports of the south of Italy and he understood their potential. Thus, Mac Port took its first steps and has grown constantly over time, becoming renowned in the port industry at national level.

  2. 2000.
    The company becomes more structured

    The sons of Giordano Bilotti, first Matteo and then Fabio, started working at Mac Port, leading the company to become more structured and stand out in the industry's business network. The company starts and implements numerous quality plans, investing in the training of highly specialised workers, with the technical competences and a unique know-how of the machines. Transparency in relationships, health and safety at work are the core values of Mac Port, with ongoing training and trust in relationships as its pillars.

  3. 2005.
    The investee company Alliance is established

    Mac Port, in partnership with Sapir spa and Compagnia Portuale di Ravenna, is the promoter of Alliance Port Service srl, chaired by Matteo Bilotti. Alliance is specialised in full service assistance and maintenance of port equipment. In 2009, the Ravenna port workshop was inaugurated, widening the range of services offered, from ordinary maintenance to general inspections of mobile cranes, loaders and other port handling equipment. Thanks to its new headquarters, and to the local facility in Genoa, Alliance also organises staff training and courses on port safety.

  4. 2009.
    Mac Port is Liebherr official partner

    Mac Port takes a fundamental step from a strategic, business and technical standpoint and partners up with the Liebherr group, a company active in the port sector and the industry's world leading group. Mac Port becomes the sole distributor in Italy for sales, after sales and spare parts in Italy for the Port Mobile Cranes division. The company sets up a warehouse specialised in "sensitive" spare parts, essential to overcome serious machine downtime. Since 2011, Mac Port has been a Liebherr EMTec distributor, earthmoving division, and has started a partnership with the Linde Material Handling group, thus completing its range of products with the lift trucks division.

  5. 2017.
    Mac Port turns 30

    Mac Port is proud of its successes, fruit of its constant investment in relationships, partnerships and customer care. Thanks to its partnership with Liebherr, since 2009, today Mac Port is the Italian leader in the sales of port machines and equipment. It can count on a solid structure and on long-term relations with important customers across Italy. Its vision is dynamic and expanding, both in terms of diversifying and updating its products, and of taking part in strategic European projects for the development of business activities in the Mediterranean.

  6. 2019.
    10 years of partnership



    MAC PORT celebrates 10 years of collaboration with LIEBHERR. The two companies have really consolidated a strong partnership over time. 

  7. 2020.
    Macport acquires Alliance



    Since March 2020, MACPORT has held all the social shares in Alliance Port Service. Customers have a single point of contact for Liebherr vehicles in Italy.


 2018 MAC PORT obtained its ISO 9001/2015 quality certification, issued by the Certification Authority SGS - ACCREDIA.